iPad Repair

iPads are very popular these days with everyone from small business owners to school children using them everyday. If your iPad is experiencing “ghost touches”, won’t turn on or has cracked after a fall, bring it to Screen Remedy. Most iPad repair within the hour.


Every repair begins with a diagnostic that allows the technicians to identify the issue. A diagnostic is necessary to make sure that the repair perform will make the iPad work as intended. This usually involves testing the basic features and examining the device from every angle. This process is especially helpful if the customer doesn’t know why their ipad won’t turn on or if they need a battery replacement. Once the tech has determined the issue, the customer can decide if they would like to proceed with the repair.

Expert Services

Whether you need an iPad screen repair or an iPad battery replacement, our technicians have the skills and expertise to solve any iPad issue. While the glass of iPads usually see the most damage, we also frequently perform charging port replacements, headphone jack replacement, home button replacement, and at times water damage repair. No issue is too large or too small here at Screen Remedy.

Low-Price Guarantee

Our low price guarantee means that you won’t find a better deal. We scout the market in attempt to give our customers a competitive lower price. With our help, you can get back to reading, playing games or watching Netflix faster and for the lowest price around. All of our repairs also come with a 60-day warranty that would cover the parts and workmanship for what was repaired.

Screen Remedy

Your normal routine can be turned upside down if your favorite piece of tech breaks and we want to put you at ease. If you need an iPad repair, give us a call for a quote.