Samsung Repair

If your Samsung phone gets dropped or damaged, it can completely ruin your day. Feeling disconnected from loved ones and work can be a huge hassle, but at Screen Remedy, we want to make this separation as easy as possible. We can get your Samsung phone repair done quickly and for a price that will make your wallet happy.


Every Samsung phone repair starts with a diagnostic exam. During this process, a tech will examine the phone from all angles and check the basic functions to see what is malfunctioning or broken. This is especially helpful if the customer isn’t even sure what is wrong with the device. Once they determine the issue, the tech can create a repair plan and the customer can decide if they want to move forward with the repair. Once we determine what is wrong, we can get started on the repair while you wait and most repairs like galaxy screen repairs, can be completed in under an hour.

Expert Services

It always seems like they are coming out with a new Samsung phone and you would think it would be hard to keep up. When you love tech as much as we do, keeping up is never an issue. You can always find us waiting in line for the newest gadgets and learning how to fix them immediately so you never have to worry if your Samsung phone is too new to repair. Whether you need a Samsung screen repair, a battery replacement or an LCD repair, we’ve got the tools and expertise to fix it.

Low-Price Guarantee

Getting reconnected shouldn’t have to break the bank. Our low price guarantee ensures that you are always getting the lowest price possible for your repair. We also offer a 30-day warranty with every repair so that if something goes wrong after you leave the store, the parts that we repaired are covered.

Screen Remedy

We know how inconvenient it is to live with a broken device, so we aim to make the repair process quick and painless. The next time that you have an issue, bring your phone to Screen Remedy a Samsung repair. We’ll get you fixed and on your way in no time.