iPhone Repair

Looking at texts and browsing through a broken iphone screen can be frustrating but you shouldn’t have to replace your entire phone just because a single is damaged. Even before Apple began repairing iPhones, Screen Remedy has been here for our customers. Screen Remedy was founded because of a broken iPhone and although today we can fix just about any electronic device, we still consider iPhone repair service our specialty.

Most Common iPhone Issues

The most common iPhone repairs that we see are cracked iPhone screens and damaged LCDs, but our highly trained techs can repair virtually any cell phone issue, from, water damage, headphone jack replacement, home button repair, battery replacements and more. No matter how carefully we try to take care of our devices, accidents will happen and that’s where we can help.

iPhone Water Damage

Water damage can cause problems with the internal circuitry of your phone or other devices that can leave it unusable and damaged. If you have accidentally dropped your phone and started acting funny, its best to bring it in as soon as possible before permanent damage settles in. When water makes contact with electronics, it causes corrosion which limits the functionality. A thorough deep cleaning can reverse the damage in most water damage cases if we get our hands on it in time. The next time your phone is exposed to water, skip the rice and bring it right to Screen Remedy. The faster we can diagnose it the more likely we’ll be able to stop corrosion from forming.

Let Screen Remedy Service your iPhone

We’re confident in our repairs, If your repaired device seems to be having issues, bring it back to Screen Remedy right away for a warranty diagnostics. We will be happy to take a look and replace any defective parts that were used during the original repair.